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Niall Ferguson, of the Hoover Institution, speaks about Islam
by Niall Ferguson
Unlike Frank Gaffney, Clare Lopez, Michael Flynn and Sebastian Gorka, Ferguson is a respected academic.  [...more]

The answer can’t be one-dimensional
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Politicians in countries hit by ISIL violence seem intent on exploiting the threat for the parochial advancement of their careers. They might succeed; but they will also, in the process, help ISIL perpetrate more horrors in the foreseeable future.  [...more]

The gradual buildup of China’s economic troubles
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Since Nov. 2008, Beijing’s massive stimulus-package money has flowed almost exclusively into state-owned corporations’ infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, shadow financing ballooned. On 07-Sep-15, the Financial Times wrote “credit markets are still sanguine.” Such pronouncements might be premature: credit defaults might still turn out to be at the very heart of the current disruption. The remarks below were written in Oct. 2013; they have only gained in pertinence ever since.  [...more]

How involved is Iran in triggering the Yemen war?
by Jalel Harchaoui.
The standard perception of the bombing launched on 26-Mar-15 has been that Iran left no choice to Saudi Arabia but to get drawn into a proxy war on Yemeni soil. Has the still-ongoing conflict really been triggered by Tehran’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs? Even the Establishment press says ‘no’.  [...more]

Saddam’s 1980s biochemical attacks were assisted by the U.S. and the UK
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Using only mainstream sources, it now is possible to establish that Washington and London provided decisive assistance to Saddam Hussein as he gassed thousands in 1983-88.  [...more]

Exactly what is our target audience?
by Jalel Harchaoui.
In all political struggles, a common tactical mistake consists in attempting to make ones adversary hear the voice of reason.  [...more]

An argument used in defense of Guatemala's General Ríos Montt
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Thirty years after the genocide operations of Cold War Guatemala, it is still maintained that the killing was in fact the rebels’ fault—not the Washington-backed military junta’s.  [...more]

A look at the legal status of the Gaza Strip
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Even according to Israeli legal expert Yoram Dinstein, international-law Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University, the occupation of the Gaza Strip was never interrupted in 2005.  [...more]

Aug. 2003: Wolfowitz speaks to the American public
by Paul Wolfowitz
Paul Wolfowitz, who never was elected into any position, is recognized as the “paradigmatic figure” of the Iraq war, i.e. the intellectual in charge of envisioning a graceful paradigm, knowing that the conclusion is already fixed: the targeted country must be taken over. In that quality, the deputy secretary of defense was, rightfully, hailed as “the Bush administration’s idealist in chief.” Wolfowitz was “a rare animal in Washington—genuine intellectual in a top policymaking job. [...] He reads about the Arab world, bleeds for its oppression and dreams of liberating it” (Washington Post, 12-Nov-03). “For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on,” Paul Wolfowitz was quoted as saying in Vanity Fair’s Jul. 2003 issue. The transcript of the 04-Aug-03 interview below (Charlie Rose, PBS) is not about Paul Wolfowitz the person. Rather, it is a means of asking, Who are the current idealists in Washington c. 2013? Is the common American responding any differently?  [...more]

John Brennan and America's Drones
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism John Brennan, who sits in the White House, wields enormous power in shaping Barack Obama’s assassination lists. The article below—second in a series of five essays—addresses Brennan’s role in Washington’s latest form of off-shore violence. The CIA-head nominee, who since 2009 has become an institution unto himself, reassures the Senate Committee about the useful nature of what he refuses to divulge. Meanwhile, the publicly-available facts show an institutional behavior that is totalitarian and absolutist: “I […] do what I think is right.”  [...more]

John Brennan and U.S. Torture
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Systematic, discreet, well-oiled-machine illegality has been supported by John Brennan consistently throughout his years working as a senior counter-terrorism official in Langley (1996-2005) and Washington (2009-2013). This document—one in a series of five articles—addresses specifically Brennan’s influential attitude toward torture when carried out by U.S. citizens.  [...more]

Obama Jan. '09: the U.S. will Protect the Rule of Law
by Barack Obama
Less than 48 hours after being sworn in on 20-Jan-09, President Obama committed in public, “without exception or equivocation,” to defending the rule of law, abandoning reliance upon torture and off-shore horror chambers. On 16-Nov-08, the president-elect stated on CBS’ , that his administration will “make sure we don’t torture.” That assurance was given as “part and parcel of an effort to regain America’s moral structure in the world.”  [...more]

At Least, Assad Holds Syria Together
by Jalel Harchaoui.
This 12,000-word essay attempts to understand Syria through a holistic as opposed to a simplistic approach. To try and address the greater Middle East with ‘concision’ is counterproductive. Barack Obama said on 27-Jan-09 that “it is impossible to think only in terms of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and not think in terms of what’s happening with Syria or Iran or Lebanon or Afghanistan and Pakistan.”  [...more]

Ayn Randism vs. the Federal Reserve of Ben Bernanke
by Jalel Harchaoui.
By virtue of its Congressional mandate, the Fed sees American joblessness as “an enormous waste of human and economic potential.” The Republicans disagree.  [...more]

More U.S. Drone Attacks: Pakistan is not Yemen
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Today, a U.S. drone strike in a tribal region of Pakistan killed anywhere between 6 and 9 suspects.  [...more]

A Real Man
by Jalel Harchaoui.
General Norman Schwarzkopf’s heroic achievements during the Gulf War.  [...more]

U.S. Treasury sells GM back to private entities
by Jalel Harchaoui.
On 19-Dec-12, the Treasury Department sells $5.5bn of the taxpayers’ holdings in GM equity at a loss. The move, promised by Romney and now carried out by Obama, is greeted by the business press as a nice Christmas gift from Uncle Sam.  [...more]

Impact of Sandy Hook on New York fund Cerberus
by Jalel Harchaoui.
The maker of the semi-automatic rifle used to slaughter 20 children is owned by New York private-equity firm Cerberus.  [...more]

Why All The Panic: Large Corporations Put Emphasis On Deficit
by Jalel Harchaoui.
A brief look at why large corporations invest so much money into promoting fear with respect to the nation’s deficit.  [...more]

Cheney: A Passion for War Logistics
by Jalel Harchaoui.
In 1992, George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney privatized parts of the Pentagon. The contribution helped set up a successful business model.  [...more]

The U.S. Army Uses Only Volunteers and Mercenaries
by Jalel Harchaoui.
As the Vietnam war became unpopular in the late 1960s, Don Rumsfeld championed a Milton Friedman idea. It was better to take the general population out of the war-effort equation.  [...more]

Tel Aviv does not control Washington
by Jalel Harchaoui.
The Washington-is-a-victim theory is an attractive theory; but it fails to comport with historical reality.  [...more]

Who Would Finance the War on Iran?
by Jalel Harchaoui.
The U.S. spent $3tn on its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; those targets were a cakewalk compared to Iran.  [...more]

Private Manning: Punished Before Trial
by Jalel Harchaoui.
War hero and great 20th-century mathematician Alan Turing was gay. He was pushed to suicide by the British government.  [...more]

Kissinger Quote: Russia's Dilemmas To The South
by Henry Kissinger
In a 03-Feb-12 interview, former Secretary of State Henry Kissing describes external geopolitical pressures as perceived from Putin’s vantage point.  [...more]

Making European-style Imperialism Sexy Again
by Jalel Harchaoui.
Old-school colonial crimes are increasingly lauded in mainstream thought. What does that opinion-management effort preannounce?  [...more]