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General Norman Schwarzkopf has died
A Real Man
by Jalel Harchaoui.
General Norman Schwarzkopf’s heroic achievements during the Gulf War.
A Real Man

Stormin' Norman.

In Mar. 1991, immediately after the American-led forces crushed Saddam Hussein’s army and pushed it out of Kuwait, all the way back to Baghdad, the United States enjoyed complete control over the area. Because all peoples resent dictatorships, the Shi’ite in the south of Iraq perceived the former U.S.-backed tyrant being in retreat as an opportunity. (On 15-Feb-91, President George H.W. Bush did call on the general population to overthrow Saddam Hussein) The Shi’ites formed a substantial rebellion there, and set out to overthrow the Ba’athist generals in their region.

The anti-dictatorship rebellion didn’t expect or request any active help from the U.S. The rebels simply asked American General Norman Schwarzkopf to let them access the equipment just confiscated from Saddam’s army. Schwarzkopf and Bush didn’t remain indifferent to the plea. Schwarzkopf went ahead and enabled Saddam to recover his military aircraft. The Iraqi leader used the helicopter gunships to eliminate the anti-dictatorship uprisings. As Hussein utilized his air force to slaughter the Shi’ite protesters, Schwarzkopf explained to the Western public that he had been fooled by the murderous tyrant’s cunning ways. He had no idea what Saddam was going to do with the newly-recovered weapons.

The same happened in the north of Iraq with the Kurds. Their protests were suppressed, too (although the blood-letting was of a lesser extent compared to the killings in the Arab Shi’ite region).

By some estimates (none of them are reliable, nobody counted), over 45,000 Iraqi citizens were massacred by the Iraqi government between Mar. and Sep. 1991. Many of these atrocities were committed in proximity to American troops, who were under orders not to intervene. That, among other U.S.-backed killing sprees, is the reason why, in 2006, Hussein was tried only for crimes he committed prior to 1982.

In fact, Washington’s thinking in 1991 was quite clearly articulated in the free press by pro-crime Liberal intellectual Thomas L. Friedman: Saddam’s “iron fist [...] held Iraq together, much to the satisfaction of the American allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and [at the same time, its secular nature] prevented Iranian Islamic fundamentalists from sweeping over the eastern Arab world” (NYT, 07-Jul-91).

For Washington, “the best of all worlds,” the New York Times chief diplomatic correspondent wrote, is “an iron-fisted Iraqi junta”. Quite an accurate definition of ‘democracy’ as propounded and promoted by Washington in former European colonies.

Schwarzkopf, by implementing George W.H. Bush’s decision to protect Saddam Hussein’s autocracy, effectively inaugurated the 12-year-long “Iraq sanctions” program imposed by Washington and London. The blockade caused 500,000 excess deaths among Iraqi children. By causing the ordinary population to starve, the Washington-led U.N. sanctions also helped to strengthen Saddam’s rule (regular civilians depended on the tyranny for food). All of those consequences were predictable from the outset. They therefore constitute a crime against humanity.

Clinton bombed Iraq for four days in mid-Dec. 1998; but his second term was largely disrupted by his sex scandals. In 2001, the George W. Bush administration revived the Iraq invasion project again in its first weeks when it came into office. However it is only in Sep. 2002 that the war of aggression was finally decided upon for good--and firmly pre-announced, in overt disregard of the United Nations Organization.

~ Jalel Harchaoui.