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Those whose preferred policies are already prevailing will not budge
Exactly what is our target audience?
by Jalel Harchaoui.
In all political struggles, a common tactical mistake consists in attempting to make ones adversary hear the voice of reason.
Exactly what is our target audience?

Do not try and convince those in favor of ongoing policies. Those—refined, cultured and elegant—are fundamentally racist and will never change sides. Not you, not anybody will “persuade” them into seeing that they support murder, theft and lies. They know (even the young generation knows). They will laugh discretely at you. For them it is all just a game, a playful joke. The broken bones are not really real to them. Moreover, they derive comfort and material advantages from the status quo; they have an uncle or a cousin someplace; they have an incentive to be on the side of privilege—so change will simply not happen.

Dedicating time to that category will exhaust you. It is like trying to convince Dick Cheney, Adolf Eichmann, or a racist sheriff in 1950s Alabama.

Do not devote time to those who approve of existing policies being pursued. Leave them be. Even if they want to have a civil debate, stay away. They represent but a small lake. Instead, focus on the huge, untapped ocean of those who “do not follow politics” (whether or not to continue conducting a shameful massacre is considered a political opinion nowadays!).

Those “without an opinion”, they look goofy, but they are not; they have a rough idea; they already suspect what is right. They constitute a massive force of nature. Focus your pleading efforts on those.

Whenever that humongous, formidable sector of the Western population moves just a tiny bit, the world changes.

~ Jalel Harchaoui.